A New Game

"Don't just make the game you want to make, make the game you will want to have made" - Derek Yu

     After finishing The Ancient Game of the River, I went back to the basics and thought long and hard about what game I wanted to make next: Something that brings you to another world, something that you can feel in your bones. Hopefully even something that provides a new twist on a recognizable genre. Something more grand than anything I've made before. While I still don't have anything quite ready to show, I've been hard at work this past month building a new game that I'm really excited about. 

     When I was younger, I spent a good bit of time playing Age of Mythology and Age of Empires. I've spent these past few months with images burned in my mind of fantastic armies sprawling across a field, ready to be led into battle- different cultures clashing, trying to conquer their enemies, building great empires. The imagery from these games inspired me, and I wanted to capture that feeling- but while the imagery enthralled me, the playstyle of these classic strategy games never really clicked with me. I only really had fun leading these vast, grand armies when I had plenty of cheats enabled, the game watered down from a challenge of managing hundreds of units carefully, to a trivial matter. For a while, I sat on this thought: how can I capture the magic of Age of Mythology, but repackage it in a way that is more accessible, yet still engaging?

     I think I have finally found the answer I was looking for- both to the question of what game do I want to make next, and to how I can deliver that magical feeling in a new way. I'll share more as the project develops.